If you share our ideas and values ​​and you have a desire to participate in the development and organization of the Open Heart festival, please write to us for becoming part of our team.

If you want the Open Heart festival to take place in your city / country and are ready to provide funding, please write to us – and we will organize it with the participation of interesting artists from around the world, with whom we have contact and interaction experience. This will be a truly outstanding event!


The festival is a non-profit project, it is an initiative of individuals. Once it was just a dream, and now this dream has come true! Thanks to people like you, with a generous soul and an understanding of the importance of the ideas embodied in it, the festival is developing, growing and finding new friends. It is impossible for one person to create a festival, only together we can organize such a large-scale event that changes people’s world view. We will be grateful for any help that you are willing to provide. For getting more information about how to support the festival, please follow this link.


If you are interested in cooperation with the festival, please write to us and leave your contacts. We will contact you and discuss the conditions. In exchange for your help, we are ready to advertise the information about you on our website, to tell about your company in social networks. You will be able to offer your services to the participants of the festival, make a presentation.


Are you active, friendly and ready to make your disinterested contribution to the festival with your experience and skills? Great! There is always some work for the benefit of the festival that you could do and also enjoy!

We need volunteers to meet and accompany guests of the festival, designers, programmers, promotors of the social networks, translators, interpreters, photographers, videographers, people who can create a festive atmosphere.

In gratitude, all festival events for volunteers will be free, depending on the degree of your participation there may be other bonuses. Please write to us about yourself and leave your contacts.

Application form: name, contact, how can you help.

Groups and members

If the idea of ​​the festival is in harmony with you and you have something to share, you can give a master class, provide an entertainment or educational program, an interesting seminar, dance or theatrical presentation in the spirit of the festival, give a concert – then you can become one of the hosts. Please leave your contacts in the form of feedback, tell us about your ideas, we will contact you.

Application form: name, contact, how can you help.


E-mail: openheart.fest@gmail.com

Teléfono / WhatsApp: +34 695435681



Transform this world, beginning with yourself! Open your heart!