1. Managers of the social network groups in English and Spanish, to communicate with the readers and promote posts (requires knowledge of foreign languages – English, Spanish, Russian, – good relations with social networks and grammatical accuracy).
  2. Designer and video editor to create content for social networks and website – making illustrations and videos (experience with photo and video editors, the basics of design, in short, multimedia experts).
  3. Designer of printed materials – brochures, posters, tickets, advertisements.
  4. Videographers, specialists to broadcast videos from the festival events.
  5. Photographers.
  6. Crowdfunding platform project managers.
  7. Technicians to adjust the equipment during the festival.
  8. We are looking for host families! Please, respond if you live not far from the venue of the festival and will be able to receive volunteers from Russia and Ukraine – to provide them with accommodation and meals during the festival. Maybe you could offer your guests a cultural program as well. What an amazing chance for the cultural exchange!
  9. Simultaneous interpreters at the festival (Spanish, English, Russian).
  10. Volunteers speaking foreign languages ​​(who will help guests during the festival).
  11. Animators to entertain children and adults.
  12. Volunteers to meet and accompany the participants of the festival during their visit (require knowledge of foreign languages ​​– Spanish, English – preferably both + Russian).
    There is still plenty of time for studying!
  13. Maybe we have forgotten something and are you an expert in it?

Please, let us know about it, by sending a message with your suggestions to the administrators of the group!