International Festival for Peace


The International Festival for Peace and Unity “OPEN HEART” is a place where representatives of different cultures can feel unity with each other; create a space of love and joy.

Despite the national, cultural, religious, political and other differences between us, we are all cells of a single organism called Earth, Humanity.

What we have in common is the aspiration to the highest values: love, peace, harmony, mutual respect, purity, a healthy lifestyle, honesty and sincerity, clear consciousness and mind, unity with the world.

We want all people who enter the space of our festival, regardless of their nationality, race, gender, age, religious or political views feel love and unity with each other, open their hearts.

Our main goal is to create a permanent international platform and to provide each participant with an opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge, for growth and self-improvement, helping seekers to find their unique path and purpose of life. We all have something to share and learn from each other.

We do not pursue commercial goals; we organize the festival with our personal funds and private donations. Therefore, all the money collected at the festival will cover organizational expenses, reward participants and finance the next “OPEN HEART” festivals.

Mission of the project

Establishment of the highest human ideals in society: justice, brotherhood, freedom, morality, equality, love, compassion and respect.


– To provide a platform for spiritual evolution to each participant, in an interesting and modern way to introduce participants to the cultural values ​​and characteristics of different peoples of the world, through ancient traditions and teachings. In this way, we strive to manifest the image of unity in diversity on Earth.
– To create an opportunity for the mutually respectful cultural and philosophical dialogue between different spiritual communities, confessions, organizations, groups;
– To participate in joint spiritual, cultural, educational, environmental and social programs aimed at the harmonization of society and the environment;
– To assist in the development of new forms of art;
– To let of Europeans 
get acquainted with spiritual ideals and culture of Russia, with Slavic Vedic culture.

Ethical code

The territory of the festival «Open heart» is free from weapons, alcohol, tobacco smoke, drugs, aggression and intolerance.