The international festival of Love, Peace and Unity in diversity “Open Heart” is a place where people of different cultures, nationalities and religions can feel unity with each other, create a space of love and joy.

“Open Heart” is a space beyond politics, religion and nationalities, where everyone can find their own path, better understand themselves, get first-hand knowledge from spiritual teachers and masters of traditions from all over the world, plunge into singularity of different cultures, become part of something great and significant, to see and realize that we are all interconnected and are parts of the whole.

Despite the national, cultural, religious, political and other differences between us, we are all cells of a single organism called Earth, Humanity. The common thing in us is the striving for self-knowledge and supreme values: love, goodness, harmony, mutual respect, purity, healthy lifestyle, honesty and sincerity, clear consciousness and thinking, unity with the world.

We´d love that all people who become a part of our festival, regardless of the differences between them, were able to know themselves deeper, find their own unique path, transform their destiny, open their hearts, feel love and live the amazing experience of unity in diversity.

Our main aim is to create a permanent international platform and provide each participant an opportunity to exchange experience and knowledge, opportunity for growing and self-perfection, where everyone can find their own unique path, their predestination, presenting and making real different interesting projects. We all have something to share and learn from each other.

The festival focuses on self-knowledge, healing, the discovery of the spiritual heart, the disclosure of inner potential and interaction between participants and visitors in co-creation, in a living, harmonious and positive space.

For manifesting this, we invite masters and teachers in various fields from all around the world and prepare an interesting program filled with many trainings, master classes, creative performances and other events for all visitors of the festival.

The international festival “Open Heart” is not just a celebration for meeting and uniting people. It is a symbol of our transformation and disclosure of the spiritual heart, a new step on the path of knowing ourselves and the world, creating a new space of love and understanding!

We do not pursue commercial goals, the festival is held on the personal funds of the organizers and private donations. Therefore, all the money that will be collected at the festival will be used to cover organizational expenses, reward participants and to fund the following Open Heart festivals.

Festival mission

Affirmation in society of the highest humanistic ideals: love, peace, unity in diversity, justice, fraternity, freedom, morality, equality, compassion and mutual respect.

Festival goals

– Provide a platform for the evolution of each participant, in an interesting and modern form to acquaint visitors with the cultural values ​​and characteristics of different peoples of the world, with ancient traditions and teachings;

– Create an opportunity for mutually respectful cultural and philosophical dialogue and harmonious interaction of people of different nationalities, cultures and religions, representatives of various nations of the world, communities, faiths, organizations and groups;

– Participation in spiritual, cultural, educational, environmental and social programs that are aimed at harmonizing society and the environment;

– Assistance in the development of new forms of spiritual art and creativity;

– Acquaintance of Europe and the World with spiritual ideals and culture of Russia, with Slavic Vedic culture.

Festival Code

The territory of the festival “Open Heart” is free from weapons, alcohol, tobacco smoke, drugs, aggression, intolerance.

“Open Heart”:

Conferences and spiritual practices with teachers from different countries;

 Workshops on developing various virtues;

Concerts and dances with live music;

New friends and interesting communication with like-minded people from around the world;

Collective creation of the unique space of joy, harmony and unity in diversity;

Arts and crafts fair;

Natural therapies;

Interactive program with skill-development games for adults and children;

 Therapeutic sessions of professional therapists;

Harmonious nature in nature that transmits peace and tranquility

The Festival will be very interesting, especially for who:

→  are on the path of exploring themselves and the world;

→  are ready to open their hearts;

→ search of their destiny (mission) or have already found it and are ready to share their vision and experience with others;

→  do not divide people by national, traditional, political, religious differences, etc., but see what unites them;

→ love and protect nature.

We invite to cooperation and co-creation everybody who feels consonant with the goals and ideas of our festival!

Our goal is to help everyone to be happier by entering the Open Heart space!

Do not miss it!

This event will exceed all your expectations!

For the benefit of all living beings