Unity in diversity of representatives of different cultures

Atmosphere of celebration and love

“Open Heart”:

Conferences and spiritual practices with teachers from different countries;

 Workshops on developing various virtues;

Concerts and dances with live music;

New friends and interesting communication with like-minded people from around the world;

Collective creation of the unique space of joy, harmony and unity in diversity;

Arts and crafts fair;

Natural therapies;

Interactive program with skill-development games for adults and children;

 Therapeutic sessions of professional therapists;

Harmonious nature in nature that transmits peace and tranquility

The Festival will be very interesting, especially for who:

→  are on the path of exploring themselves and the world;

→  are ready to open their hearts;

→ search of their destiny (mission) or have already found it and are ready to share their vision and experience with others;

→  do not divide people by national, traditional, political, religious differences, etc., but see what unites them;

→ love and protect nature.

We invite to cooperation and co-creation everybody who feels consonant with the goals and ideas of our festival!

Our goal is to help everyone to be happier by entering the Open Heart space!

Do not miss it!

This event will exceed all your expectations!

For the benefit of all living beings



Dear friends!

We are preparing for you very rich and varied program. In the final version it will be published on the website a few weeks before the festival, but we will announce the activities before.

The program of the Festival will be composed of more than 80 performances from more than 40 participants originating from various countries and will be very intense, captivating, interactive, with lots of activities to stimulate self-knowledge and self-improvement for people of all ages.

What will be in the programm:

– practical classes, seminars with yoga teachers, meditations and other spiritual practices;

– presentations from various spiritual confessions, communities, groups, centers;

– presentation of interesting cultural, spiritual, social projects;

– Arts and crafts fair, art workshops;

– Theatre and dance performances, the performance of traditional and modern bhajans, ragas, spiritual creative works (ethnic music, singing, spiritual poetry), Slavic games and dances;

– joint rituals of various spiritual traditions;

– healing sessions, consultations, Ayurvedic massage, numerology, spiritual practices;

– special program for children;

– concerts, jam sessions, spontaneous creativity.

Most of the activities will be translated into Spanish / Russian, the most important ones – into Spanish / Russian / English by means of simultaneous interpretation.

The opening of the Festival will take place at 11:00 on Sunday, September 9, on a venue in Barcelona, which remains to be defined. The program of September 9 will last until approximately 8p.m.

From September 10 to 13 on a venue in Barcelona, which is also to be defined, workshops will be held with some teachers from 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm, ending with concerts from 8:30 pm to 10:00 pm.

From September 14 to 16 the Festival will be held in the unique setting of Santa Susanna (Barcelona), in the beautiful farmhouse “Can Ratés” and in the beautiful park around it. The program of these 3 days will be developed in 5-6 venues and on 3 stages at the same time, from 10:00 to 23:00 each day.

The festival is a creative and lively project, constantly changing due to the offers of kind and brilliant people who respond to our call to co-creation.

Read the news of the festival!


The fair of the festival “Open Heart” is a special place with unique atmosphere!

The ecological Fair of the Open Heart Festival is a special place with its own atmosphere!
Local musicians and creative groups will perform in the square, 300 meters from the castle on stage.
Teachers and craftsmen will offer you the fruits of their work: food, jewelry, clothing and much more.

Entrance to the fair is free.

Photos of the artisans will be here soon.



During the festival in the park around the castle, professional therapists will offer visitors their therapeutic services: massages, reiki, etc. in the park around the castle.

Some of them will be paid, others by voluntary donations.

Photos of the therapists participating in the Festival will be here soon.