Open your Heart, the song of Maria Maltseva


The international festival of Love, Peace and Unity in diversity “Open Heart” is a place where people of different cultures, nationalities and religions can feel unity with each other, create a space of love and joy.

“Open Heart” is a space beyond politics, religion and nationalities, where everyone can find their own path, better understand themselves, get first-hand knowledge from spiritual teachers and masters of traditions from all over the world, plunge into singularity of different cultures, become part of something great and significant, to see and realize that we are all interconnected and are parts of the whole.

Feel the atmosphere of an open heart and unity in the international “Open Heart” Festival! 

How can we understand each other without words, learn to listen to our hearts and find friends from all over the world? 

We were born in different continents and countries, we speak different languages and we follow different traditions. Diversity is a natural manifestation of the Universe, of our planet, of Humanity and Nature. But in spite of all the diversity of Nature, in the depths of our soul we perceive that in the Universe everything is united and connected. Why, then, are people divided by multiple borders – cultural, spiritual, social, political, etc.? 

It is time to abandon all differences and borders between us, which cause competition, distrust, rivalry, conflicts and wars. It is time to unite and understanding each other from the heart, listening to the voice of the ancestors, feeling the soul of the Earth, inspired by the Great Spirit. It’s time to let go of fear, distrust, hatred, offense, anguish, doubt, conflicts and focus on the positive and new that we can co-create together. It is time to know ourselves, opening our hearts to love, peace and joy, awakening the awareness of Unity in Diversity. Now this is so necessary for a harmonious life of Humanity and Earth. 

If you feel a resonance to these words in your heart, then we can understand each other without saying anything and we will be happy to see you at the “Open Heart” festival!

The “Open Heart” festival was first held in September 2018 in Spain. Representatives of various spiritual confessions, musicians, artists, psychologists, healers, trainers of yoga and other practices met in Can Rates Park (hyperlink to the map), shared their knowledge and participated in a great circle dance of the World! The energy of love and joy passed from heart to heart!

The geography of the event is extensive – five continents, more than 20 countries, including Russia, the countries of South America, the USA, Australia and a number of European countries.

We will be glad to see you at the festival!

Transform this world! Begin with yourself! Open your heart!

Join the Open Heart team!